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Justyna Sierpińska

Justyna Sierpińska

Truly Spanish nature lies dormant in our new wave rider. She loves hard rock music which translates into hardcore wave riding. Justyna spends most of her time on the Canary Islands, travelling between Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria. She is also a kite and surf trainer, as well as an active Nobile ambassador.

2016 Red Bull Ragnarok - 9th
2018 Red Bull Ragnarok - 14th


Rider name: Justyna Sierpińska
Nationality: Polish
Favourite: going hard on the waves
Worst Crash: when you are being washed with your kite by a 3m wave
Never travel without: checking the forecast on windguru
Favourite spot in the world: Riu, Boa Vista
On my iPod: Bob Marley
Inspired by: successful women
Favourite Meal: my mom’s kitchen
1 piece of advise to other kiters: go hard or go home
Goal in kiteboarding?: having fun in what I do, always crossing limits
Biggest challenge about going pro: Top 3!
I want to travel to: Maui
I want to (meet): Bethany Hamilton
I like to wear: my short wetsuit
Style: Wave, Snowkite
Kite: Nobile T5
Board: NHP WMN, Ocean Cruiser, Infinity Splitboard, NHP Snowkite