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What is Snowkiting?

Snowkiting is a logical winter choice for anyone who enjoys downhill skiing, snowboarding, or kiteboarding. It is also the best way to learn and practice the techniques used in kiteboarding. Because you aren't fighting waves or trying to stand up on a board in the water, snowkiting is much easier to learn as well. Not to mention, you need less wind and can use any wide open, snow covered area to snowkite. Downhill skiers and snowboarders really enjoy the fact that you don't need to drive to a resort and buy a lift ticket every time you want to go out and ride. The fact of the matter is, most of us have stopped going to resorts now that we have discovered just how versatile and enjoyable snowkiting can be. Beware - snowkiting can be dangerous. Newbies should get lessons or go with a very experienced individual to introduce themselves to the sport.

Nobile Snowkite Awards

ISPO Award Winner 2014/15 for Snowkite board RC2000

The world’s best race snowkite board, designed for the highest level racing. The APS (added pre stress) core was used.

RC2000 is a ultimate racing machine designed and developed with snowkite race in mind. Tested in the wildest areas of Siberian wilderness, the Nobile race snowkite is designed for riders who crave for speed. Patented APS technology provides extraordinary grip, both on toe and heel-side edge, even on icy and hard-pack conditions, and allows you to keep more speed, especially when going upwind.

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