• Snow. Freedom. Energy

    Snowkiting gives kiters a sense of freedom and burn of energy in winter.  From sea level to the highest peaks on Earth – kite can take you anywhere. Snowy mountains amaze us. They are wonders of nature. And as much as we crave for warm water, we enjoy the frozen one too. We created boards for you to explore the greatest peaks and ride on the shoulders of those giants.

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  • ISPO Award Winner 2014/15

    Snowkite board RC2000 The world’s best race snowkite board, designed for the highest level racing. The APS (added pre stress) core was used. RC2000 is a ultimate racing machine designed and developed with snowkite race in mind. Tested in the wildest areas of Siberian wilderness, the Nobile race snowkite is designed for riders who crave for speed. Patented APS technology provides extraordinary grip, both on toe and heel-side edge, even on icy and hard-pack conditions, and allows you to keep more speed, especially when going upwind.


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